Sky-Side has and practices a custom design safety program, quality control program and quality assurance program.

The following documents are part of these programs. They describe the specific actions and responsibilities within our organization.

000-100-101 Policy on Report Hazards
000-100-102 Employee Reporting & Communication
000-100-103 Employee Education and Training
000-100-104 New Employee Safety Orientation
000-100-105 Accident Investigation & Report
000-100-106 Accountability and Enforcement
000-100-107 Mobile Equipment
000-100-108 Fall Protection Program
000-100-109 Swing Stage
000-100-110 Bosum Chair
000-100-111 Scaffolding
000-100-112 Bloodborne Pathogen
000-100-113 Electrical and Grounding Safety
000-100-114 Grounding Conductors / GFCI
000-100-115 Hearing Conservation
    Quality Control Policy
000-200-101 Policy on Report of Quality Issues
000-200-102 New Employee Quality Orientation
000-200-103 Control Before Start
000-200-104 Concrete Finish Quality Control
000-200-105 Painting Quality Control
000-200-106 Waterproofing Quality Control
000-200-107 Caulking Quality Control
000-200-108 Traffic Coatings Quality Control
000-200-109 Spray Insulation Quality Control
000-200-110 Masonry Veneer Quality Control
000-200-111 Window Cleaning Quality Control

For a complete copy of these documents, please feel free to contact us