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High rise painting Vancouver bc



Sky-Side is a full service contractor specialised in high-rise buildng elastomeric coating. When talking about painting / coating and waterproofing of concrete buildings, Sky-Side offers the knowledge and expertise. We apply them all under the latest EPA standards.

If you are looking for paint and protection of rusted steel corners and rust on steel surfaces Sky-Side is your option.  Our teams are familiar with rust cleaning, preparation, application of chemical cleaners, graining, shot and sand blasting, rust inhibitors etc., paint and coating application with epoxy, urethane, polyurethane or silicon based products.

There is no inaccessible area for Sky-Side. Our teams have formal training and are certified to use bosumchair and scaffolds. If you think that some areas of your building or facilities are inaccessible you definitely need to call us.

Call us for a quote or a sample of our work. We will be happy to show you what we can do to fix the rusting on your facilities

High rise building painting Vancouver bc


Sky-Side has a special passion for high rise buildings. We understand that exterior and interior paintings are two completely different jobs. They require different product, different material, different equipment and different skills. Hanging 360 feet above ground level and coating a building with the right material and thickness requires the expertise of Sky-Side.

If you are planning to use silicon based elastomeric or, urethane based elastomeric we are the experts.  We are well aware of the quality and requirements of each material and how to get the best advantage of the material. Each of them have a different shelf live, different coverage per gallon, different thickness achievable per coat, different color change when dry and, especially a quality achievable.  Whatever the product you choose Sky-Side will match the warranty of the paint manufacture.

Our employees are experienced and certified in the use of bosumchair and scaffold.

When the leaky condos were a common issue,  our exterior painting and liquid waterproofing expertise were in demand.  We understand that exterior painting is not a simple color application but a complete waterproofing membrane that wraps the building as with a blanket.

High rise building painting Vancouver
High rise painting Vancouver


Painting is one of those things that everyone fees capable of doing and in many cases it is correct, especially when it is interior and in your own property where there is no risk to take. But when your name and warranty is there for five or ten years, then , it is better to know what you are doing.

Peeling ,  flaking, cracking, blistering, wrinkling are common paint failures. When the surfaces are not well prepared, there is incompatibility between the surface and the paint or when just it is the wrong paint for a particular environment.  Many times our service was hired to fix someone else’s job.

Paints can be classified by their use, residential, commercial and industrial. This is one of the ways paints can be classified. The reality is that there are thousands of products and hundreds of application systems, each designed to specific applications. Industrial painting and exterior highrise painting are far more complicated than commercial or residential painting and specific skills and risk are associated to each application.

We know our business and the importance of surface preparation. We have  enough time in the business and have enough experience to give the right care to surface preparation. Every square inch is a potential issue. At Sky-Side we have the slogan that every square inch counts for good or bad. Many mistakes happen when walls are not prepared or missing borders, corners and hidden spots.
A professional has cuts close to perfect, no dripping, no brush hairs on the wall, no bubbles, no debris, no differences in thickness, uniform color and texture, same orientation of lines and of course no overspray around.  Then, what is so simple is not anymore and quality shows.

Sky-Side understands the differences in products. An oil paint and a latex paint require different application and preparation and tools and techniques. Our experience helps.

We see paint in their two functions a) to give color and aesthetic finishing and b) as a mean of protection – waterproofing, moisture protection, oil stain etc..  Depending on the surface where the paint is applied and the type of protection required the recommended paint will be specific and the application unique.

Established in 2004, Sky-Side provides engineering and construction services related to Building Envelope & coatings for new or existing buildings. For existing building we offer services for the inspection of buildings envelope or facade, engineered solutions to issues, repair, renovation, application of elastomeric coatings, pedestrian traffic coatings, vehicular traffic coatings, epoxy coatings, and waterproofing coatings. Our services for new buildings include building enclosure design and consulting. Elastomeric coating / painting of building envelope, application of liquid waterproofing to eyebrows, traffic coating on balconies and rooms, traffic coating on parkades, epoxy coatings,  application of energy efficient systems and application of self sustain building systems.

Our Building Envelope Design and Consulting Group investigates, evaluates, designs / engineer repair solutions and provides construction / repairs work to all exterior building envelope components including roofs, walls, windows/glazing, caulking, coating and waterproofing. We specialize in all issues related to material deterioration, moisture intrusion and assist owners in the process of inspecting no accessible areas of the building envelope or façade, design solutions to specific issues, repairs and restoration. We help as well architectural firms and clients with peer review consulting on new construction projects. We also provide forensic and expert witness services, and preventative maintenance programs. Our clients include private sector commercial and institution users, as well municipal agencies.

Our business is permanently updating. Building envelope systems as well as coating material and techniques are constantly evolving in search of better performance, less cost, and more elegant appearance. This makes the design, procurement and construction of the building envelope a highly technical and complex process for which the demands of a building envelope specialist’s knowledge are needed. Next to the structure, building envelope construction is often considered to be the highest risk of any project.

On the engineering side of our business we provide services including but not limited to:

On the Construction side of our business we provide services including but not limited to:

Our service areas in BC includes: Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Deep cove, Horse Shoe Bay, Squamish, Whistler, Port Moody, Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Mission, Surrey, Richmond, BC, White rock, Boundary Bay, Langley, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Hope, Pit Meadows, Victoria, Nanaimo, and all other cities in BC Canada.